“Radio that Rocks”

http://wp.kthoradio.com/I want to especially shout out to the DJs who support my music.  I have the highest respect for their insane love for music that matters.  Being included in their line up is an honor.

Thank you to Alan Lohr “The Buddhaman”.  The Buddhaman’s International Experience  Rocks KONGMonsterRock.net   http://rdsn.net/kong/    Not only is The Buddhaman deeply rooted in rock, he has a good heart.  Not to mention his crazy music trivia chops and prolific interviewing skills.  Thanks for rocking my music from one Alan to the other!

Tune in to “The Buddhaman” Alan Lohr

Bill Snyder rocks it on his Friday Night Freeform sation!  It was great spending time with you up (8,000 high) in Mammoth for the radio interview.  Hearing my music on your station as we were driving through town was sick.  Thanks Bill for your love of music, your friendship and for supporting my tunes.   It is always a privilege.  Listen closely for your name in my next CD!

Bill Snyder's Friday Night Freeform Rock and Roll Radio Show  Check out Bill Snyder’s Friday Night Freeform

And then we get to God’s Country… Lake Tahoe, California!

The Insane Darrell Wayne invited me up to his station KTHO for a memorable interview.   Thanks so much for rockin my music on your station!   We had a blast doing the “Latest from the Greatest” interview.  I’m looking forward to getting together again soon, when my next cd is wrapped.  http://wp.kthoradio.com/



Song # 6 “Hollywood Circa 1969” on my new album “Renegade Dog” mentions each of the above greats!

John Rose at   University Illinois Chicago Live 365 – Listen live to “Hidden Treasures”, great classic rock along with featured new artists.  Thanks John!   http://uicradio.org/






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