ALAN QUINLAN MUSIC “When your feet start tapping…you’re hearing Rock N Roll”

Thanks for visiting my site.  My name is Alan Quinlan – and like many of us…my heart beats to rock and roll.  I love listening to, and being inspired by the greats.  Creating new music with a focus on telling a story is what I do.  I’m originally from Arizona, where the music scene has always been filled with excitement and incredible talent!  Life takes you places, and if you are lucky, it takes you back, as in my case.  About 5 years ago I reconnected with a friend of mine, Bill Spooner, who enjoyed great (worldwide) success as the genius behind The TUBES.  Bill and I, until now have not had the opportunity to collaborate, but the timing is right and I’m thrilled with the outcome.  I hope you are too. 


Just released "Renegade Dog"

Just released “Renegade Dog”

The Money and The Power

The Money and The Power


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